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  The island of Sri Lanka is a country which has a history of over 2500 years and is inhabited by a community fostered by the Buddhist philosophy. Similarly it is recognized world over that Sri Lanka has become the fortress which provides protection to pure Theravada Buddhism descending from the time of the Lord Buddha.

  Yet for all there seems to be no other community in the world such as Buddhist community in Sri Lanka which has so many ups and downs in its history. However the service rendered by the great wise people who lived in the past as well as at present to foster and perpetuate Buddhist Dispensation is unthinkable and highly commendable. Sri Kalyani Monastery Foundation is also a Dhamma organization, constituted of highly virtuous monks, and it emerged in an era when Buddhist Dispensation was at a low ebb, with a view to resuscitate it.

  The Hantana forest monastery is a traditional branch of the Sri Kalyani Forest Monastery Foundation and commenced its activities on 12th July 2003 in a 21 acres land area of the Hantana mountain range which is endowed with natural beauty. The activities of the Hantana forest monastery actually commenced its religious activities by two monks of the Kalyani Forest Monastery by commencing the observance of the rain retreat ( vas ) in two temporary wooden chambers in July 2003.

  Through this noble activity thus commenced it is expected to accomplish a few of our main objectives.

 • To provide residential facilities to local and foreign monks who are virtuous and worthy of respect and supply them the four requisites.

 • To facilitate the members of the laity to obtain of the monks, righteous association and facilitate them in their meditation activities.

 • To make available opportunities for the devotees to provide protection and freedom for such virtuous individuals by supplying them with robes, food, shelter and medicine.

 • To support the Buddhist Dispensation which lasts for 5000 years by helping Dhamma propaganda activities both local and abroad.



“He who indulges himself in this Dhamma and
Discipline diligently will put an end to suffering
by forsaking sansara”

Arunawathi Sutta – Sanyutta Nikaya


  Following this word of the Lord Buddha it is our vision to protect the Theravada Buddhist Dispensation and illuminate Sri Lanka once again through appearance of noblemen who have entered the Noble Path.



To make available opportunities for the virtuous and respect worthy Buddhist monks both local and abroad to achieve the ideals of Buddhist Dispensation by providing them the four requisites. ( viz : robes , food , shelter and accommodation )


 1. To make available the righteous association of such virtuous and respect worthy monks to the laity both local and abroad and provide opportunity for them to study properly the pure Buddhist philosophy and develop their faculties of meditation.


2. To protect pure Theravada Buddhism which is in an intrinsic process of decline and helping these noblemen who work through self sacrifice to protect it, by providing them the four requisites , and thereby seek well being both in this world and in the next.

Making arrangements to achieve the above objectives is our dedicated service to the Buddhist Dispensation.

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