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This serene monastery is situated within the forest reserve of the Hantana mountain range which forms a cynosure in the historical city of Kandy in Sri Lanka, a land blessed by the Lord Buddha by his foot print. In Kandy is deposited the Noble Tooth of the Lord Buddha which has had the impact of the eighty four thousand fold noble Dhamma preached by him. The greatest endowment of the monastery is its vicinity of the glamorous scenery of Kandy town and the surrounding mountain range and the view of the noble Temple of the Tooth.

Principal Coordinator:
Rev. Gangodavila Ariyagawesi Swaminwahanse
Resident at Ulpathkanda Monastery.

Address :
Springhill Forest Monastery,

Springhill Estate, 
Hantana, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

Contact : 

E-mail :

Tel : +94813808812

Access Road:

This monastery could be approached by nearly 6 km on Kandy – Hantana Road starting near the Bogambara Ground near Kandy and passing nearly one km on the concrete road to the right from the Moorthy Stores which is off 100 meters from the Tea museum situated at Hantana estate.

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